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Home Watch services for the seasonal resident have never been made so easy and affordable! We are your "Agent" who provides you the peace of mind during the off season when you leave your home away from home. Whether you need on-going interior checks, winterization/summerization, exterior home checking, storm or power outage checks, or contract liaison services, we are here to be your eyes while you are away. 


  • Police and Sheriff patrol streets only and do not walk premises.
  • Only 30% of seasonal residents have alarm systems.
  • Neighbors can experience emergencies leaving your home unprotected
  • When neighbors go away on vacation no one is watching your home.
  • Area kids and others learn when a home is unoccupied as many have set routines when they leave and return.
  • Insurance companies may deny your claim in the event of flood, water damage, or fire without documented proof that someone has been in the home weekly.
  • When storm damage occurs behind a property it often unseen by surrounding neighbors.
  • When a home is being home watched it is never watched on the same day or same time each visit adding to the appearance the home is occupied.
  • Pictures of both the interior and exterior of homes are taken for homeowners to view from their location.
  • Issues identified are pictured and noted in a Home Watch report and emailed/text immediately to client. 
  • Home Watch Agents can manage personal services on behalf of the homeowner.
  • Home Watch Agents can manage service providers, letting service providers into property, inspecting and reporting work performed by services vendors to client.​

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